Sunday, January 31, 2010

10:26 thoughts.

It's night time and my boys are asleep. I'm awake scared out of my mind. A helicopter was flying over our home a while ago with an intercom..."on the lookout for an armed man wearing...."awesome.

Went on a roadtrip/delivery/job trip to San Fran. this weekend with Owen. Left Nolen with his sweet, wonderful grandparents. It was hard to be away from him for 2 days...very hard. But soooo fun to get out and walk around the city of San Francisco! I walked to the Coit Tower and was so happy I did! I LOVE that city. I think that will be the first and LAST time I go with Owen in a moving truck for that long. Good company- yes. Not so fun bouncing up and down in a huge truck through ghetto Oakland...I was so antsy to see my baby when i got home. He waved at me when he saw me! aw! I LOVE HIM!!

Nolen melts our hearts. Everyday. He is LOVING walking with his truck walker. He is always on his feet and I know it wont be long til hes everywhere! 2 bottom teeth now. Makes us laugh with his scrunchy face he makes and his tongue's in and out moves. He "shakea shakea shakea" with any object in his hands...and "dancin dancin dancin"- when hes on his feet and I say this he bounces up and down and hits one foot on the ground up and down. gotta see it to believe it.

owen is going to internship at a retirment home this semester. Im so proud of him. I think he has really found what he wants to do in the future! sooo close to being done with school!!!

im sewing.what? yep. LOVE IT. hated it when i was it now. definetly not a pro. will never be. but it's fun and i LOVE all the different kinds of material out there.

Do you remember the movie "Land Before Time"? It was on the T.V. at the hotel owen an i stayed at this weekend. We watched the last 20 mins. SOOOO GOOD!!! I LOVED that movie and still do! My niece Kaitlyn reminds me of Sarah the dinosaur. And Ducky was my favorite character. Remember Petri?

This is a very random blog. it is now 10:40. I need to post some pictures and try to sleep. any noise scares me tonight....there is a man armed and on the loose around here. pray for us.