Friday, October 23, 2009


Nolen and his friend Elliot
Pumpkin head

Serious Nolen
Papa Nolte
Great Grandma Nolte- the classy beautiful woman who can put my baby to sleep.
These kids are sooo big now!
Uncle Brad and Uncle John lovin my boy!

I know these pictures jump from one thing to another. But they all have to do with one thing- Fall! Fall football game- BYU vs. SDSU....which I now have learned to NEVER take a baby under a year old to a football worst thing I have ever done to my baby. Papa Nolte of course was in town for work and the game- which allowed us to see him! Nolen LOVES his Papa Nolte and Great Grandma Nolte! We are so lucky to live so close to her:) And then recently some friends and I went to Nates Butt Farm. Excuse me...Bates Nut Farm! What better way to enjoy the once in a while Fallish weather here in San Diego? Nolen LOVED the hay. So great.
Happy Fall to all!

Saturday, October 10, 2009