Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cute and a little wierd...

So if you like cats you have got to watch this....I came across this on yahoo videos and then had to youtube these kittens. I couldn't stop yes this is cute but like I said a little wierd...

Merry Christmas.

Jingle Cats Silent Night
Jingle Cats sing Silent Night from the Jingle Cats Christmas DVD order now at Original World Famous Jingle Cats.©2008 Jingle Cats Music. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun with the Amideis

Sweet baby Oliver

Good side view!

Megs and me

Our creations

Last night Owen and I visited with our good friends the Amideis (sp??) They have been our great friends forever and we don't see them as much as we would like even though we are only a short distance away. After a great dinner of pancakes(right up my alley) we decorated these adorable cake cars. Charlie (Meghan's 4 year old) LOVED detailing his car. Owen's is the snowblasted one with some sweet red railing-if you couldn't tell:)Oliver is such a GOOD boy! He is such a sweetie and makes the cutest smiles.Sorry the pictures are not the best of quality!Included are also some updated pictures of the babe. Really? Due in March? It looks like I could be due this month!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well Owen and I have had a long, good week. There have been challenges all around us, but overall we recognize how blessed we are with all that we have. Tuesday night Owen and I were with the Snead side of the family at dinner and had left to go visit Owen's grandpa at the hospital. As we were waiting to turn right on our red light to enter the hospital we saw a car run a red light and hit another car and then that car came right for us and hit us. As you can imagine it was something you don't want to see or be a part of. Long story short-both Owen and I were miraculosly just fine. Owen came away with a hurt elbow, and the only thing that happened to me was my back got tweeked. The other two in the accident were sent to the hospital. Of course right after the accident I freaked out about Owen because I had seen the car come right in his direction,but luckily the car hit right infront of Owen's car door and pushed our tire under the car. So-once Owen and I got to sit down and wait for all the paperwork and stuff to tell the police, I realized how thankful I was that things were not worse. I was so THANKFUL to have Owen with me by my side and to know that Nolen was safe with me. Owen and I have been so blessed and we know that we had been watched over.

Another thing that happened recently was that Owen's grandpa passed away yesturday in the hospital. His body had gotten to that point of not being able to hold on. We were able to visit grandpa a couple of times these last few weeks and so glad we did. I absolutely LOVE grandpa Snead. Ever since I met him and became a Snead myself, he has been SO KIND and loving to me. Grandpa Snead was such a quiet but gentle and sweet man. He had the sweetest smile and most tender heart. It has been so nice to have the Snead family in town and see how united they are in all they do. I am glad to know now that Grandpa is in a more comfortable place and relieved to be with his friends and family in heaven. He will be missed-but we will all remember what a great man he was. We love you Grandpa Snead!

There seems to be a lot of challenges that face us in life. But again, I just feel so blessed to know what I know and to recognize the many blessings that I do have in this life. Because of my family and the gospel in my life, I know that things will always work out and there is no need to fear.

Have a great Thanksgiving-remember all of the things you have been blessed with! We love you!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Owen got his Nolen!

So yes, we were very excited to find out that the little one kickin in my tummy has been a...BOY!
All this time I really thought I was having a girl. So funny...I thought I was for sure right. But, I am sooo happy to announce that we are having a son. A SON! Holy cow-Noltes sure do like to make them boys! First thing Owen said was (once he for sure new it was a boy)"There's my little ball-player!" Owen was beyond excited---his wish had come true:) So I have posted some prego pics. I am apparently due sometime around the 14 of March, maybe the 2nd or maybe the 7th. Really, I don't know neither does the doc...but for sure in March. So I am in these pictures, 21/22 weeks. I am finally feeling Nolen movin around. Just little popcorn or butterfly movements at the moment-but I LOVE to feel them when they come:) He is such a good boy already...ahhhh a boy! Also included is a video of the pics. that were printed off for us. I wanted to just take a picture of them and post them, but of course they came out shiny and I walk you through each picture...sorry but it's really exciting being a mom! Oh-in the second picture of Nolen in the video, is his head, belly and then up on top you can see an arm-I didn't mention that, but it's there! Yes we are sure on the name Nolen. Here's why- NOL for my maiden name NOLTE and Nolen all together sounds like his daddy-Owen:) And we just like the name a lot:) Still working on the middle...but of course we have a while!
We hope all is well with everyone! Thank you for being a part of Nolen's life already:)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bates Nut Farm

We thought it would be a great idea to pick out our pumpkins today at Bate Nuts Farm- a place where my family always visited during the holidays, especially around Christmas to pick out our Christmas tree-which they don't do anymore! Anyway- we were just going to get our pumpkins but it turned out that there were a lot of other things going on. It was pretty entertaining. We walked around and looked at all the farm animals, went by the many tents full of cotton candy, ketttle corn, funnel cakes, etc. We also went into the Bates Nut Farm store which I love! So many cute decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was just the right amount to get me into the holiday spirit, even though it was 90 degrees outside! Owen also ran into his former Spanish teacher from R.B High. They had a good little reunion and it was nice to meet someone so influential in Owen's life. So it was a great Fall day- nice to enjoy once again Bates Nut Farm.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun times

Chandler and Owen Owen and Ethan

Emily and the Lorikeets Emily, Eli and Gavin

Chandler and Chunk

Owen and his Lorikeet

So, since the last post was kind of lame because really, it was probably only worth watching if you "were there" back in the day I decided it is time to update a bit. Sorry, I am not the best blogger and don't seem to have much to blog about since it is only Owen and I. But we do have fun and well here you go- we do have fun:) Owen is playing on a city league softball team in Poway. He loves to get out once a week to play, but unfortunately not all the guys show up, but fortunatetly he calls up his friends to come play. Chandler was able to come last week- and it was fun to see them play together. Chandler is a good friend of ours since Owen and I first met. I also got a picture of him and his dog Chunk-I just thought the picture was hilarious, because I would never allow a dog to hug me like that.
My cousin Emily and her family from New York City came to town this weekend because her husband Boyd had business here in San Diego. So we were able to eat a delicious home-cooked meal at Grandma Noltes-yummmmmmmmmmm...sooo good, and go to the Wild Animal Park today! It was so much fun. My sis-in-law Katie came also with her two boys. We had a lot of fun feeding the Lorikeets some nectar. Emily had about 6 birds at one time on her. And her son kept thinking they were going to bite him. Pretty funny! So yes, very fun to be with the family.
Baby update- I am now 18 weeks prego and have my next appointment next Friday on the 24. I am HOPING that I will find out if this little Snead is a lovely girl or a dashing young boy. But I may not find out next time because I just got a new doc. with new insurance, so it may need to wait. I am sooo antsy to find out though. I am also waiting to feel it move around inside! I am getting bigger and bigger each day too-there is no hiding whatsoever that I am pregnant now!
Sooo...I am now going to snack on some of my most craved foods of all time-baked doritos.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Classic Letterman

I remember watching this clip with my brothers back in the day. It was hilarious then- and it is still pretty dang good. I only wish Letterman would still do this kind of stuff. Have fun watching.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another family event

Alex, Adrienne, and Sarah

Ryan and Alex
Ryan and Aunt Sue

The prego girls. Can you see him/her??
Mom, Dad, Aunt MaryAnn and Uncle Jeff
Me amd my stud muffin
Sarah and Bryan
Jim and Brad with little Ethan
Last weekend we had another fun family event-what a great excuse for my parents and brother and his wife to come to town!My cousin Ryan and his wife Alex renewed their vows here in Poway at a beautiful home. It was so great to be with family again. Brad and Katie's family along with John and Aimee's family were able to make it as well. I was able to see some other family members which I haven't seen in a while.

Baby update- So my due date changed. I am now due March 14...I was bummed, I am 2 weeks later than I have been planning! Oh well, this little munchkin will come when he/she wants to no matter what. Hopefully sooner than later:)
Hope all is well with everyone!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nolte Reunion-Keep on Keepin On!

This is all of us!
Miles, Ella, Jusin and Charlie
Reliving the past
My genius nephew-Luke, at the talent show demonstrating how to use electricty!

Here are some pictures and videos of the Nolte reunion and talent show. First video is, my very talented husband juggling, the second is, Kermit the Frog and Aimee Nolte, (kermit is puppeted my Matt Nolte- get this kids around for this one...I am so amazed my how well he does!), the third video is my Aunt MaryAnn, Uncle Jeff, cousin Emily and her husband Boyd,(just watch-pretty nasty-but hilarious) and the fourth is Aimee playing the piano for her adorable son Charlie (melts my heart), and the last video is my brothers Bryan, John and Brad singing a Christmas song in the middle of summer-but wow it sounds great-if only you were there! We had such a great time being together for 5 days and those days are much missed-so until we meet again, "keep on keepin on" I am sooo blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our little peanut and some old news

Angela, Aimee, Owen and Me
Well we got to see our baby today! I was shocked to find out Im actually 9 weeks along-this whole time I thought I was yay-one less week of MS! Also the expected due date is March 2nd. We couldn't be happier:) The baby is tiny as can be, but oh so healthy. Its amazing to me how little this baby is, but yet how much torture it is putting me through! Wow, I am pregnant.

So I have some very old news as well. Very old. And alot of you already know about it-but for those of my friends who havent heard or SEEN I will let you know now:) I know a lot of you are big American Idol fans. (such old news) Well last season, my sweet sis-in-law Angela got tickets for her, Owen and I and my other sis-in-law Aimee!We were at the finale show! When David Cook won:) Long story short-we got AWSOME tickets-2nd row right behind David Cook's family! Yep. It was simply amazing. I met Melinda Doolittle waved to Blake Lewis who was not far from us, and Carrie Underwood was 5 rows behind us-she walked right infront of us at one point (so beautiful). And my fav. hollywood moment was meeting Lori Laughlin who played Becca on Full House-my favorite show of all times! She sat right by Aimee and then was getting up to move spots when Aimee stopped her to introduce me:) I was soooo star struck. Her daughter ended up sitting next to Aimee with the nanny. Anyway- also just being there and getting smiles from Paula and winks from Simon was all too much:) Oh! I also got on stage! Yes I did! There was some guy like a Ryan Seacrest pumping up the audience minutes before the show started and he called me and an old lady up on stage to dance! It was so MUCH FUN:) I felt nervous of course, but I just stood by the old lady and boogied away.Soooo....again yes, this is very old news. But I never got to share it with some of my friends-so there you go:) Ohhh yeah- we WERE ON TV by the way. Go to this site and at the end of the performance they zoom in on David's dad and Owen and I pop into the camera to give a thumbs up:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Alive and tired

Hi. I am waiting for laundry at the moment. It is 10 and I am tired and HUNGRY. Just thought I would let you know I haven't left blog world. This week has been a challenging one. 2 words- Morning Sickness. That's all I ll say about that.
Oh-and thank you to all who have been giving me GREAT advice as to what to do or not do, eat or not eat, for the M.S. It has helped:) Owen and I are very excited to go to our first doc. appointment on Monday. I am very antsy for it- I really wish I could know the gender already. I really dont mind what he/she is. I just want a healthy baby. We have names we are playing around with, so it would be fun to call my tummy by a name:) For now its just "baby".
Well, really this post is a bit lame, one because I feel like I'm half asleep and two I just thought I should write something-and if you know me I just write whatever is on my mind. blah blah blah.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This summer my job has been looking for a job. Because of CA's wonderful budget cuts, I have been laid off. Beautiful. No, but really, I am fine with it. I just took it as another oppurtunity for growth and faith! And boy did I need it! I interviewed for a job at a Charter school here in town about a month in a half ago. It went very well. I went back for 2 more interviews, then got a call that they were very interested in hiring me; they just wanted to know if I had my preliminary credential. Nope, I don't. I need to pass a lame test in order to get that. I have been in that process of passing the test FOREVER. So they couldn't hire me. I was of course VERY bummed. But Heavenly Father seriously knows when to come with answers at the right time in our lives! On Monday this week,I got a phone call from the Principal from the Charter...and again long story short...I met with the director of the school, HR and some other "high authority" people and they have offered me the job on condition that I WILL pass that test! Hallleluliah! Really, and truly I thought by the end of the summer if I didnt have a job I would have started selling lemonade and cookies on the corner or somthing. Needless to say I am very satisfied for this oppurtunity. I will be teaching 3rd grade again. I am very excited to work in a Charter. New experience. I start in about 2 in a half weeks-AHHHHH! Who knows if I'm ready??

Sunday, July 13, 2008


So I made a blog! Somthing I have been looking forward to doing for SO LONG! Owen and I finally got the internet-we now have communication with the world! So it will be my goal to keep this updated the best that I can. I am not so good at "cutsie wooties" I want to be able to post pics and get a cuter template-but bare with me, it will take me a while to do that I'm sure.

Well, for those of you who have not yet heard- Owen and I are expecting a little Snead! I have not been to the doctor yet-but I am pretty sure I'm prego. I am doing all that I can to stay healthy for this little one. I also know that it is early to tell everyone, but we just can't hold it in any longer. We are very excited to add a baby to this family. Owen is beyond happy to be a first time daddy:)

Hopefully when I "publish post" it will appear for all to see! Again I am NEW at this and will continue to add on as much as I can:) ENJOY!