Monday, July 28, 2008

Our little peanut and some old news

Angela, Aimee, Owen and Me
Well we got to see our baby today! I was shocked to find out Im actually 9 weeks along-this whole time I thought I was yay-one less week of MS! Also the expected due date is March 2nd. We couldn't be happier:) The baby is tiny as can be, but oh so healthy. Its amazing to me how little this baby is, but yet how much torture it is putting me through! Wow, I am pregnant.

So I have some very old news as well. Very old. And alot of you already know about it-but for those of my friends who havent heard or SEEN I will let you know now:) I know a lot of you are big American Idol fans. (such old news) Well last season, my sweet sis-in-law Angela got tickets for her, Owen and I and my other sis-in-law Aimee!We were at the finale show! When David Cook won:) Long story short-we got AWSOME tickets-2nd row right behind David Cook's family! Yep. It was simply amazing. I met Melinda Doolittle waved to Blake Lewis who was not far from us, and Carrie Underwood was 5 rows behind us-she walked right infront of us at one point (so beautiful). And my fav. hollywood moment was meeting Lori Laughlin who played Becca on Full House-my favorite show of all times! She sat right by Aimee and then was getting up to move spots when Aimee stopped her to introduce me:) I was soooo star struck. Her daughter ended up sitting next to Aimee with the nanny. Anyway- also just being there and getting smiles from Paula and winks from Simon was all too much:) Oh! I also got on stage! Yes I did! There was some guy like a Ryan Seacrest pumping up the audience minutes before the show started and he called me and an old lady up on stage to dance! It was so MUCH FUN:) I felt nervous of course, but I just stood by the old lady and boogied away.Soooo....again yes, this is very old news. But I never got to share it with some of my friends-so there you go:) Ohhh yeah- we WERE ON TV by the way. Go to this site and at the end of the performance they zoom in on David's dad and Owen and I pop into the camera to give a thumbs up:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Alive and tired

Hi. I am waiting for laundry at the moment. It is 10 and I am tired and HUNGRY. Just thought I would let you know I haven't left blog world. This week has been a challenging one. 2 words- Morning Sickness. That's all I ll say about that.
Oh-and thank you to all who have been giving me GREAT advice as to what to do or not do, eat or not eat, for the M.S. It has helped:) Owen and I are very excited to go to our first doc. appointment on Monday. I am very antsy for it- I really wish I could know the gender already. I really dont mind what he/she is. I just want a healthy baby. We have names we are playing around with, so it would be fun to call my tummy by a name:) For now its just "baby".
Well, really this post is a bit lame, one because I feel like I'm half asleep and two I just thought I should write something-and if you know me I just write whatever is on my mind. blah blah blah.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This summer my job has been looking for a job. Because of CA's wonderful budget cuts, I have been laid off. Beautiful. No, but really, I am fine with it. I just took it as another oppurtunity for growth and faith! And boy did I need it! I interviewed for a job at a Charter school here in town about a month in a half ago. It went very well. I went back for 2 more interviews, then got a call that they were very interested in hiring me; they just wanted to know if I had my preliminary credential. Nope, I don't. I need to pass a lame test in order to get that. I have been in that process of passing the test FOREVER. So they couldn't hire me. I was of course VERY bummed. But Heavenly Father seriously knows when to come with answers at the right time in our lives! On Monday this week,I got a phone call from the Principal from the Charter...and again long story short...I met with the director of the school, HR and some other "high authority" people and they have offered me the job on condition that I WILL pass that test! Hallleluliah! Really, and truly I thought by the end of the summer if I didnt have a job I would have started selling lemonade and cookies on the corner or somthing. Needless to say I am very satisfied for this oppurtunity. I will be teaching 3rd grade again. I am very excited to work in a Charter. New experience. I start in about 2 in a half weeks-AHHHHH! Who knows if I'm ready??

Sunday, July 13, 2008


So I made a blog! Somthing I have been looking forward to doing for SO LONG! Owen and I finally got the internet-we now have communication with the world! So it will be my goal to keep this updated the best that I can. I am not so good at "cutsie wooties" I want to be able to post pics and get a cuter template-but bare with me, it will take me a while to do that I'm sure.

Well, for those of you who have not yet heard- Owen and I are expecting a little Snead! I have not been to the doctor yet-but I am pretty sure I'm prego. I am doing all that I can to stay healthy for this little one. I also know that it is early to tell everyone, but we just can't hold it in any longer. We are very excited to add a baby to this family. Owen is beyond happy to be a first time daddy:)

Hopefully when I "publish post" it will appear for all to see! Again I am NEW at this and will continue to add on as much as I can:) ENJOY!