Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well Owen and I have had a long, good week. There have been challenges all around us, but overall we recognize how blessed we are with all that we have. Tuesday night Owen and I were with the Snead side of the family at dinner and had left to go visit Owen's grandpa at the hospital. As we were waiting to turn right on our red light to enter the hospital we saw a car run a red light and hit another car and then that car came right for us and hit us. As you can imagine it was something you don't want to see or be a part of. Long story short-both Owen and I were miraculosly just fine. Owen came away with a hurt elbow, and the only thing that happened to me was my back got tweeked. The other two in the accident were sent to the hospital. Of course right after the accident I freaked out about Owen because I had seen the car come right in his direction,but luckily the car hit right infront of Owen's car door and pushed our tire under the car. So-once Owen and I got to sit down and wait for all the paperwork and stuff to tell the police, I realized how thankful I was that things were not worse. I was so THANKFUL to have Owen with me by my side and to know that Nolen was safe with me. Owen and I have been so blessed and we know that we had been watched over.

Another thing that happened recently was that Owen's grandpa passed away yesturday in the hospital. His body had gotten to that point of not being able to hold on. We were able to visit grandpa a couple of times these last few weeks and so glad we did. I absolutely LOVE grandpa Snead. Ever since I met him and became a Snead myself, he has been SO KIND and loving to me. Grandpa Snead was such a quiet but gentle and sweet man. He had the sweetest smile and most tender heart. It has been so nice to have the Snead family in town and see how united they are in all they do. I am glad to know now that Grandpa is in a more comfortable place and relieved to be with his friends and family in heaven. He will be missed-but we will all remember what a great man he was. We love you Grandpa Snead!

There seems to be a lot of challenges that face us in life. But again, I just feel so blessed to know what I know and to recognize the many blessings that I do have in this life. Because of my family and the gospel in my life, I know that things will always work out and there is no need to fear.

Have a great Thanksgiving-remember all of the things you have been blessed with! We love you!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Owen got his Nolen!

So yes, we were very excited to find out that the little one kickin in my tummy has been a...BOY!
All this time I really thought I was having a girl. So funny...I thought I was for sure right. But, I am sooo happy to announce that we are having a son. A SON! Holy cow-Noltes sure do like to make them boys! First thing Owen said was (once he for sure new it was a boy)"There's my little ball-player!" Owen was beyond excited---his wish had come true:) So I have posted some prego pics. I am apparently due sometime around the 14 of March, maybe the 2nd or maybe the 7th. Really, I don't know neither does the doc...but for sure in March. So I am in these pictures, 21/22 weeks. I am finally feeling Nolen movin around. Just little popcorn or butterfly movements at the moment-but I LOVE to feel them when they come:) He is such a good boy already...ahhhh a boy! Also included is a video of the pics. that were printed off for us. I wanted to just take a picture of them and post them, but of course they came out shiny and I walk you through each picture...sorry but it's really exciting being a mom! Oh-in the second picture of Nolen in the video, is his head, belly and then up on top you can see an arm-I didn't mention that, but it's there! Yes we are sure on the name Nolen. Here's why- NOL for my maiden name NOLTE and Nolen all together sounds like his daddy-Owen:) And we just like the name a lot:) Still working on the middle...but of course we have a while!
We hope all is well with everyone! Thank you for being a part of Nolen's life already:)