Monday, August 30, 2010

enough already!

hi there! still alive- yes. just not in the posting mood lately as you can see:) and this one wont even come w/ pictures- sorry! i will get to pictures soon enogh...maybe. but anyway- most of you know by now and if you dont you will NOW- im pregnant- 17 weeks to be exact! wahoo! i look like im 28 weeks pregnant already-probably why there wont be any week by week photos of me...hehe. anyway we are thrilled. i had AWFUL morning sickness and it finally started to go away around week 15 but all of a sudden it surprised me last night- sick as a dog again. what the crap??? other than feeling like i just want to sleep this pregnancy off things are well! like i say- hopefully there will be more posts to come with pictures very soon- cuz we have had a great summer thus far!