Saturday, February 28, 2009


37 weeks prego!

Dad and Ethan
Soccer game!

Done with teaching that is! For now at least... anyway it feels sooooo GOOD to be done with teaching- I am officially ready to nest and RELAX for the time I have left:) I had a great ending to my teaching yesterday. My kids have been planning a "surprise baby shower" I found out about it a couple of weeks ago when a few of my boys gave it away here or there. Anyway pretty funny- I still acted surprised for the girls. It was great- I left the room for a "meeting" and came back to 40 kids (my class and my friend's 3rd grade class) and some parents, cake, lots of food, and a load of presents! Seriously, I was sooo grateful for this shower! They really pulled it off and I came home with a loot of cuteness! I finally was on my way home after loading the car we just bought (Owen's grandpa's nice green machine cadillac) when i backed up and shattered a glass window of my school. Seriously? Typical. After fretting over that for a while and crying over it- I found out it will all be ok. It will be taken care of through the school and I just added a little character to our car...gosh. Anyway- whenever I leave a class of kids I have taught for a long period of time I start to realize just how much I love them and love teaching. I complain a lot about teaching. A little too much I think. But really, I love it. I come to love every kid I teach even though at times I would love to strangle is still worth it. Children are so sweet. I just can't wait to raise one of my own!
So here are some pictures of yesterday and last weekend when my dad came down for business and play. It is always so great to have him come down so often!! On Saturday we were able to meet John and Brad's family at a park for a great day of play.
Nolen is due 2 weeks from today! Whoa-I'm gonna be a mom!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hi there. So I figured it has been a long enough time since my last post- I will just say a little hello and tell you what is on my mind. Right now Owen is playing Mario kart Wii- he very much enjoys it. I am glad to say he is not in the "obsessed man mode of video games" -usually if I ask him to stop he will and Im ok with it. Anyway- I have really been enjoying my time with Owen lately and I realize it is not long from now when we will have a little buddy to play with! Right now Owen and I do whatever the heck we want. Stay up late- go to bed early- wake up late-wake up early when we have to- go to SeaWorld, go to the Zoo, Wild Animal Park, the gym, beach, the Temple-out to eat- and la la la. Life is so fun with my bestfriend right now. Now don't get me wrong- Im not saying that once little Nolen comes around that our life will no longer be "fun"- it will just be different-good different.We are sooo excited for this little buddy and can hardly believe that he is just about a month away from joining us!! Crazy. Anyway- life is wonderful and I hope that who ever reads this is doing well!! -aloha-