Thursday, April 29, 2010


Elliot sat his WHOLE body in this TINY toy! Sooo funny!

I've been able to watch Nolen's good friend Elliot a few times- and boy do they have FUN together! It's so funny to watch them at this age (Elliot is only 3 weeks older than Nolen)- the sharing thing is not so easy! But overall they squeel and giggle a lot together:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

being HOME

i LOVE being home with my baby boy. it has been so fun to see him LEARN and GROW this last month. today while we were at the park- I swang/swung next to him while he was in his baby-swing- and i just thought how crazy it is that i am at this point in my life- ALREADY! all i ever wanted when i was a little girl was a husband and a baby, and a home. got it. LOVE it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

videos for your enjoyment.

the first one- is mary tessa and nolen having fun

second video is- nolen walking:)

third video- my husband and emily seeing who can get the highest first...who do you think won?

March is gone!?

Nanna with Allianna and Mary Tessa

At Herman Park- awww:)
Tessa and Nolen LOVED playing together:)

Mark and me- a dream come true at NASA!

That's my man- outside the Saturn 5


FINALLY on the bus tour at NASA- talk to us before you do this.

Mary Tessa, Mark and Em

At Kemah

Cousin Simon
nakie buns

One year picture!

For real? March of this year has by far been the FASTEST month of my life! It flew by without me knowing it! wow- life really does go by quickly when you have kids-mom wasn't kidding! Well here is a list of things that happened last month...1. Nolen turned 1 on the 7th! We had a fun Elmo party for him at Aunt Mel's home-thanks to all who came and celebrated with our little boy:) 2. went to AZ to visit the Banners and Harberstons and meet sweet baby Chloe! 3. went to TX FINALLY to see my brother Mark's family. Oh so fun. met mom and dad there too:) 4. Nolen IS walking- when he wants to...still prefers crawling,but is well on his way to the walking world. 5. Nolen waves and blows kisses- adorable. 6. that's it.

Needless to say last month went way too quickly-busy and so much fun to be with family. LOVE these times in my life. so now you may enjoy LOADS of pictures from yours truly. (sp?)