Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4 month Check Up and BLOGGER ILLITERATE

I am so BLOGGER illiterate! I wanted the paragraph at the top- and cant figure it out! Now i have this lame blue writing with a line under it!!!!!!!!!!!!! geez..................................

We have one adorable boy. We found out some bummer news at Nolen's 4 month check up- he is under weight - 12 pounds and his head is mis-shaped. More tummy time -which he HATES and less standing time-which he LOVES. It is so hard to watch him scream and cry through tummy time-I am hoping he will get used to the pictures where he's laying down he gave up and just fell asleep-also I posted them so you can see the shape of his head. We may need to get the helmet kids wear to help with this problem. It is correctable, just a pain to deal with. But we figured there could be a LOT worse things that could happen. Owen and I just feel so blessed to have this little man in our lives. Goodness, he's cute.