Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in Utah...

Christmas morning

LOVE this picture of Nolen and Will
Nolen started to tear apart his present from Santa as soon as he saw it

Nolen DISLIKED the cold and snow- hopefully next year...
Always had to be near his Papa:)
Owen and I decided to make a last minute trip to Utah for Christmas...and it is JUST what we needed! It was sooo nice to go home and be with family. We totally relaxed and enjoyed every minute. Nolen and his cousin Will are BEST FRIENDS. They were UNSEPERABLE! Nolen still wakes up saying "Wheel Wheel!" (Will Will) or "Papa! Nana??" Nolen also cant get enough of Papa and Nana...they spoil that boy a lot and he LOVES it:)

Congrats Owen!

Owen graduated with a bachelors in Human Development with and emphasis in Health Services!! Sooo proud of him:) Now on to the job hunt! To celebrate his HUGE accomplishment I had the help of many family members throw him a surprise party! Thank you for all who came and supported him! He was sooo happy to see everyone and enjoy another night with family:)
*Unfortunatly didnt get any pics of the man him self!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dewey Family Christmas Party

Always so much fun to get together with this gang- food, gingerbread house making, food, laughing, white elephant gift exchange, food, kids in their jammies, food, good times!