Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bates Nut Farm

We thought it would be a great idea to pick out our pumpkins today at Bate Nuts Farm- a place where my family always visited during the holidays, especially around Christmas to pick out our Christmas tree-which they don't do anymore! Anyway- we were just going to get our pumpkins but it turned out that there were a lot of other things going on. It was pretty entertaining. We walked around and looked at all the farm animals, went by the many tents full of cotton candy, ketttle corn, funnel cakes, etc. We also went into the Bates Nut Farm store which I love! So many cute decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was just the right amount to get me into the holiday spirit, even though it was 90 degrees outside! Owen also ran into his former Spanish teacher from R.B High. They had a good little reunion and it was nice to meet someone so influential in Owen's life. So it was a great Fall day- nice to enjoy once again Bates Nut Farm.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun times

Chandler and Owen Owen and Ethan

Emily and the Lorikeets Emily, Eli and Gavin

Chandler and Chunk

Owen and his Lorikeet

So, since the last post was kind of lame because really, it was probably only worth watching if you "were there" back in the day I decided it is time to update a bit. Sorry, I am not the best blogger and don't seem to have much to blog about since it is only Owen and I. But we do have fun and well here you go- we do have fun:) Owen is playing on a city league softball team in Poway. He loves to get out once a week to play, but unfortunately not all the guys show up, but fortunatetly he calls up his friends to come play. Chandler was able to come last week- and it was fun to see them play together. Chandler is a good friend of ours since Owen and I first met. I also got a picture of him and his dog Chunk-I just thought the picture was hilarious, because I would never allow a dog to hug me like that.
My cousin Emily and her family from New York City came to town this weekend because her husband Boyd had business here in San Diego. So we were able to eat a delicious home-cooked meal at Grandma Noltes-yummmmmmmmmmm...sooo good, and go to the Wild Animal Park today! It was so much fun. My sis-in-law Katie came also with her two boys. We had a lot of fun feeding the Lorikeets some nectar. Emily had about 6 birds at one time on her. And her son kept thinking they were going to bite him. Pretty funny! So yes, very fun to be with the family.
Baby update- I am now 18 weeks prego and have my next appointment next Friday on the 24. I am HOPING that I will find out if this little Snead is a lovely girl or a dashing young boy. But I may not find out next time because I just got a new doc. with new insurance, so it may need to wait. I am sooo antsy to find out though. I am also waiting to feel it move around inside! I am getting bigger and bigger each day too-there is no hiding whatsoever that I am pregnant now!
Sooo...I am now going to snack on some of my most craved foods of all time-baked doritos.