Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Start...

above-Nolen and Papa Nolte on our visit to Ut. in Aug.
Cousin William
Three of the five brothers...Bryan, Mark and John (at our family reunion)
Grandkids w/ their cool tye dyes!
The amazing cake my sis-in-law Sarah made for my hubby on his bday- The Office!
Grandma Karen w/ Nolen at Bates Nut Farm

Well- I am going to start blogging again. Even though my blog doesn't look the way I want it to- I am ready to become better at "journaling" our family events:) Since it has been FOREVER since my last update- I will just add a few photos from the past few months instead of downloading EVERY picture I have...simplicity- that's how I roll!

Anyway- stay tuned...I hope that I will get better and better at this and have more fun doing it:)