Friday, November 20, 2009


Seeing as though Thanksgiving is just around the corner and knowing that I most likely won't blog while I am in Utah I thought I would just share with you bloggers what I am most ThANkFul for. (in no particular order)

-an apartment- even though it's tiny- its a roof over our heads

-WIC- Women Infant Children program

-green machine cadilac to get Nolen and I around this town

-San Diego- all of the many BEutiFuL places to visit

-my ward- gReAt people and friends who all support each other

-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- met a girl who is not a member a few weeks ago at playgroup- she has come since and is sooo sweet. She asked what church I belong to- I said " the LDS church" she had a puzzled face on her then I said" the Mormon church" then of course it clicked-anyway my point being I think she really likes to be around all the SwEEt girls who come and feels welcomed...nice church.

-Ensign- soooo many UPlifTiNG messages that make me want to do better!

-Mormon Messages found on my new favorite...

-NieNie and her everyday stories of inspiration - go to my sidebar "I read NieNie"

-The Office- brings laughter into my life

-the internet and how it can bring friends from the past back in my view! and also a way to keep in touch with family from everywhere!

-FAMILY- i for some reason was blessed with the most amazing FAMILY- a mom and dad who LOVE eachother soooo much and 5 brothers who LOVE their wives soooo much and their children. and my in-laws- all sooooo wonderful

-a SMILING happy boy who brightens my day every day-(even though his whiny/crying moments drive me NUTS at times!!!!)

-a HEalThY family


-A determined, hardworking, giving husband who tries so hard each and every day to make ends meet for us....soooooo thankful for him