Friday, June 24, 2011


*Since I didn't write on Father's Day...
I am sooo thankful for the wonderful "fathers" in my life. I of course couldn't have asked for a better dad myself. I don't know how I got so lucky. Everyone that knows my dad thinks he is the kindest man on earth. He is. I LOVE that he "Loves da kids" Ever since I can remember dad has always loved being a dad to all six of us and I also remember the love he had and continues to have for his beautiful wife. Which brings me to my very own husband and father of my children- Owen. I basically married someone JUST like my dad. I am forever grateful that I made the choice to marry Owen for all of eternity and that for all of eternity he gets to be the father of my boys. They sure are lucky!!!


Ashley said...

Juls - such cute pics of Owen & your boys. Yea for hands-on dads, and Owen seems to be just that!!!

PS you're my hero for having two kids!

PPS We are flying to LA in two weeks for my sister's wedding and I really wish she was getting married in San Diego so I could come and see you. I miss your guts.

Raenbows and Mud Puddles said...

I am so proud of the man that Owen has become! You have been a guiding light in his life and help formed him to who he is today! He is a wonderful daddy! Oh I am just love him to pieces! Thank you for being his best friend Juls! You rock my socks! ♥ Give loves to your boys from auntie Rae ♥ Miss you all!