Friday, June 24, 2011

I can't complain...

I get to go the beach anytime I want with my boys.
I get to watch Nolen be an AWESOME big brother.
I get to bathe this little cutie.
Did I mention we can go to the beach anytime? And it's the BEST weather EVER??
I get to LAUGH at the FUNNY faces and things this boy does all day long.
(Nolen LOVES to "buckle" things...and sometimes when he gets frustrated because he can't quite get it, he pulls this face:)

The thing is, I DO complain. A LOT! But as I was going through these pictures I realized that I need to be more grateful for what I do have and the funny moments that happen throughout the day or the beautiful places I get to go with my family. I have it good. I am so blessed.


Ashley said...

Your boys are cute!
PS: Gavin is totally in love with buckles as well. Except he doesn't make cute faces if he can't get it - he just starts to whine. And says "no, no I do it!" when I try to help.


Um, you look amazing bytheway. Add that to your list of fabulous things. Because you do!

Pomona Noltes said...

Love the pics, Jules. You are a great mommy and your boys are beautiful! Ollie is getting big! So cutie!

Joe and Lis said...

You are such a pretty mom!!! :)

Kari Cheney said...

Hi Juls!!!! i havent checked your blog in while, your kids are so cute!! Ollie looks just like Nolen! so adorable!! miss you!

Heather and James said...

your two little boys are so cute!

Cristine Garrison said...

well I can complain!
need more posts woman!

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