Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today has been a good day. I took the boys to Pretend City. What a wonderful place for kids! Nolen was in HEAVEN. Really- I was totally ok with him running here there and everywhere too because he couldn't get into any trouble! And they had a nice nursing room- double bonus! We met our good friends there- Elliot and Shannon. We miss them so much but are happy that we can still get together after months of being apart and pick up where we left off. Elliot and Nolen are really two peas in a pod- best buds.

I was so upset with Nolen yesterday I decided after I put him in time-out- I was going to cut his binkie. Woops! Broken!! Now what??? Darn it Nolen- your bink is BROKEN. No more bink for naps or bedtime!!! Yeah- it was a rough night last night to say the least. BUT, its good. I didn't know little things such as a binkie held much worth to me. I was sad when I cut it, broke it. I felt like I had taken part of my first born's "babiness" away. I guess I was just hard to see it go. It will be a SAD day for sure when Nolen doesn't want his blankie anymore. I LOVE that he LOVES it. I think that will be with me forever once Nolen says goodbye to it.

P.S.- The first picture makes me laugh. Not very photogenic in this one-but at least it's an updated picture of what they look like now:)


Lindsay said...

Ollie is so big! I don't think I've seen any pictures of him since he was born, and he's a little smiling guy now! They are both super cute. I've never used binkies, so good luck on that one! I hope he gives it up without too much fight. I am just coming out of the trenches of potty training. It's been pretty miserable. There's always something, huh? I hope you are all well and happy and adjusting to your new city. Can't wait to see you all in a couple of months! xo

Cristine Garrison said...

is that the same baby???! he looks completely different now!

Emily said...

Thanks for the updated pictures! I think that Ollie totally looks like little Julianna pictures in the last shot. Such cute boys--definitely brothers! It is bittersweet to get rid of their baby stuff, but it's also the best thing in the long run so you're all getting started on learning that the universe doesn't revolve around them and they can accommodate other people. I've got to get started on my book "Everything I needed to know I learned from having siblings"!

Can't WAIT to see you guys!